Ritual Theorycrafting Bingo

I'm in a (realm) coven so I want this to be (realm) Will be higher magnitude than the entire playerbase Is dissonant / has no resonances with suggested realm There's already a ritual on the wiki that does exactly the same thing Would require PD to be actually psychic in order to work
No way for ritual to target what you'd mainly want to target with it Breaks the limits of magic (mind control, resisting effects, restoring life, etc.) "Nobody would cast it on other Imperial citizens" (they would) Would encourage OOC unsafe behaviour (e.g. cramming people in for mass heals) Is in Day for no apparent reason other than we like Day a lot
Just because an Eternal can do it doesn't mean that magic of that Realm can do it "I want this to be low magnitude so that I can cast it solo" doesn't make it low mag I have no idea what this does so here's Leviathan with a pancake on his head (FREE) Assumes the Eternal involved can be modelled as a slot machine Very specific about scale of ritual, but might be better at larger or smaller scale
Ritual has an uptime effect that is impossible to physrep Just because it's related to the sea doesn't mean Day can do it Would require extra game mechanics for the ritual to work Is poking at the boundaries of magic despite those now being written down Didn't consider (appropriate realm) because I don't have (realm) lore
Is easier to achieve effect without using magic at all Name is a terrible pun and Lucien of the Halls of Knowledge would disown you for it Tries to disguise an enchantment as a curse just so it'll stack Does something that five minutes on the Ritual Theory page will show won't work Assumes players have no attachment to background NPCs or setting

What's this bingo square for?

Are you trying to think of a custom ritual for Empire LRP? This will point out some common mistakes, and make Graeme's life easier. (Graeme is the person who has to read all your arcane projections.)

Have you read or heard of the Empire ritual theorycrafting group? This points out some mistakes that come up again and again.

My ritual fills several squares, is that bad?

Yes. Having these is not a point of pride, it means you've made something unworkable. Try to fix it before you send it in with 10 mana and get a "Nope" and 5 mana back.

I want to make a ritual that will be approved!

Read the Ritual theory wiki pages, including the links to the different realm magics. Try to find which realm the ritual fits in thematically, rather than just what your group can cast. Don't try to poke the limits of magic - Empire isn't designed as that sort of game.

Remember that this isn't real magic, and something that might work in-game may not work for out-of-character reasons. PD don't know everything that goes on at an event, so be careful with new divination rituals. Some things have hard limits because of OOC admin (e.g. the "one to half a dozen" limit on doses of pure liao is because pure liao visions take a lot of time and work to run, and 4-6 per event is the maximum).

But, if you don't know already that something is OOC feasible, asking other people on the Theorycrafting group rather than assuming is a good plan. It means you and other people get a better idea of what can be done.

I want to play with a system with a lovingly detailed ritual magic system and stretch the boundaries of magic!

Can I suggest Ars Magica instead? It's an excellent tabletop game about wizards in the 1200s with a fantastically extensible modular ritual magic system, and the fourth edition is even available for free on Atlas Games' website!

Plus, being a tabletop game, it will be easier for whoever's running the game to spend time on your magical research, as they'll only have 4-5 other players to attend to, not 400-500.